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Benefits of Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a style of meditation where the meditator entrusts a guide to move them through a meditative journey. Their mind takes on the passive state, which effectively opens the unconscious, imagination, and emotional body to the suggestion of an insightful guide.

With AppMeditate, you select the subject you wish to improve on in your life, such as unconditional love, manifestation, a calmed nervous system or even improved confidence. There are many areas to focus on. Each theme is expertly built into a 7-day series, where each day the guide works on your unconscious programming in a logistical and insightful manner, to help you empower your mind for the long term.

So let’s break down the benefits of guided-meditation.


1. It is extremely useful for exploring a variety of meditation techniques.

If you’re interested in learn about a new style of meditation, such as Vipassana, Anapana, Metta, or perhaps Visualization and Affirmation, then a guided meditation will give you appropriate direction for each of these techniques. You will then learn which style best suits you as an individual, your intentions, and present needs.

2. The structure offered by guided meditation allows for a meditator to remain on track.

It is an effective method for training the mind to remain focused, as the audio input directs and redirects your attention back to the present moment. It is common for a novice meditator – or someone with a lot happening in their life – to have an active mind. A guided meditation will serve as a reliable aid to help you return to peace and presence.


3. Guided meditation is also especially helpful during sensitive times, such as a crisis or when you notice your thought patterns have slipped to become predominantly negative and difficult.

You may turn on a positive affirmation meditation, for example, to feed positive input into your thought stream and help you return to a healthy optimism and positivity. A negative spiral can be hard to come out of, and guided meditation helps you to redirect your focus to an empowered perspective.


4. Many folks use guided meditation because they want to work on a very specific aspect of being.

Perhaps this is a quality of being, like learning to relate with life in a spirit of service. For those who are finding it difficult to remain inspired to reach a goal, guided meditation benefits your chances of success.

Even after you lose the initial momentum towards a goal, guided meditation continues to feed you with fresh understanding, fresh perspectives, and reliably consistent practice to move you from intention to actual personal transformation. Choosing a theme to follow on AppMeditate means you simply chose your area of focus, and relax into a lengthy and curated process.


5. Guided meditation is also helpful for children and as a tool to bond with your family.

Share in a meditation experience together by embarking on the same meditation journey. For instance, take a wild magic carpet ride with your children in our guided visualization meditation, or help your child embed meditation at an early age by joining them on one of our personalized series for kids.


All in all, guided meditation is a vast and immensely beneficial approach to meditation. Piggyback on the insight gained from long term and insightful teachers. We rise by helping each other!

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