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Learning to Embrace Negativity: Drench them with Love

Even though the thoughts of anger, loneliness, fear, disgust, shame or sadness creep through your mind, never come to the conclusion that something might be wrong with you. It’s not possible! Instead of feeling negative, be honored that these old friends have come to pay a visit. Their intention is not to hurt you, but they are here to heal you. They are here to make you realize your capacity to hold all life and to remember your vastness and wholeness. Don’t think that they are here due to a failure from your end. You are not broken. You are not sick. They consider you as a sacred presence where they can get the understanding and love they have always been on the lookout for. 

You should know that you have the power to feel these emotions, and let them pass through to completion. You should focus your attention on these feelings and bless them. 

They have gone through violence and abandonment to finally come and find you. They are helpless, frightened and unwanted. Let’s take a look as to why you should drown Negative Emotions and feelings with your love. 

What Exactly Are Emotions That Make You Feel Unpleasant?

We call some emotions negative as they make us feel bad in some or the other way. Regardless of whether you acknowledge them or not, emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Despair, Frustration, Shame, Guilt, Disgust, and Disappointment are always there. However, they all have a purpose and are not necessarily bad. Now you might be thinking if feeling something makes you feel bad, how can it be good in any way? Let’s take a look.

The Emotions You Perceive Negative Are Not All Bad: Why?

Even though when you are experiencing a fresh batch of emotions all at the same time, you might feel bad. However, not all negative emotions have a negative impact on your mind and body. They might make you feel awful, but that’s temporary. Let’s throw some light on why the negative emotions are not as bad as we perceive them to be. 

  1. They are perfectly normal

When you feel unpleasant, remember that it’s not abnormal. We are so engrossed with trying to feel positive all the time that it might become a burden sometimes. It’s not a compulsion to feel good when you are feeling the exact opposite. Acknowledge that feeling bad is not abnormal. It’s a part of life. Experiencing different moods and situations are integral parts of being human. 

  1. Negative Emotions With a Positive Intention

Every emotion we perceive to be negative has a meaningful purpose in life. It benefits us in ways we can’t imagine. For instance, fear acts as a warning sign and protects us from dangers we could expose ourselves to if we are completely fearless. Guilt is one of the most powerful emotions that can hurt us deeply. However, it pushes us to be better and not repeat the same mistake over and over. So, do you see the silver lining now? It’s all about maintaining the balance. 

  1. Warnings Or Time For a Change

Frustration ranges from being mind to extremely powerful. There are times when you need to let go of the past and move on in case you are frustrated about events that have happened some time ago. However, if something in the present makes you angry or frustrates you, it is an indication that you need to make a change. If you are feeling shameful or embarrassed by something, it’s a chance for you to learn from the action and never repeat it again. Anxiety indicates that you need to adopt some Stress-Releasing Methods. 

  1. Breaking Your Limits

When you feel a range of negative emotions, it might be time to break your own limits and take action. Have you realized that when you are extremely angry, most of the times, you take drastic action? While we don’t recommend making all important decisions while you re angry, treat the anger as a catalyst to take initiative. Once your mind is calm, think about what caused so much rage inside you and take appropriate damage control measures.  

You are the shining light these creatures of consciousness have been seeking since time came into existence. Do you plan on turning towards them now? Welcome these helpless inner children with open arms now. Feel the love you have inside of you and drown all sorrows, rage, loneliness, and fears. 

Are you ready to shatter the karmic cycle with your own breath? Are you ready to accept that your role in the world is crucial and sacred and you need to become who you truly are? An explosive vessel full of healing powers! A gleaming lover and admirer of darkness. This is true surrender! AppMeditate (Audio-Guided Meditation App) can help you lead a fulfilling life and gain access to multiple visualizations, breathing techniques, guided meditations and affirmations. It offers you the liberty to express yourself in the correct way.


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