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5 Tips to Integrate Meditation into Daily Life

We love the benefits that result from a consistent meditation practice, like a calmer nervous system, balanced emotions, mental clarity, an empowered will, and an overall increased ability to move through life’s challenges with grace. Many of us love the idea of experiencing these life improvements, so let’s take a look at setting ourselves up a meditation practice that becomes not only a priority but something to look forward to.

Below are 5 tips for integrating meditation into daily life, from all of us at AppMeditate

1. Decide how frequently you want to meditate

Daily? Every other day? Twice daily?

Always begin with your intentions. By identifying how frequently you intend to sit, you can better set yourself up for future success. Walk forward with your eyes wide open!

We recommend you meditate on a daily basis because so much happens each day that it is beneficial to take time to settle the mind. We must care for our bodies each day, and so to must we care for our minds. Our guided meditations are designed to best support a daily commitment. Many of our categories are focused on 7-day series, meaning each day we meditate on one aspect of a larger theme. A daily practice means you hold focus on your goals each and every day, making it more likely for you to succeed in the personal transformations that you seek!


2. Schedule a regular time for meditation

Identify what time will best support your meditation practice. A good time is a point in the day when you can be free from distractions and other responsibilities. Many people choose to meditate during their morning routine, during their commute on a train, on a lunch break, or in the evening after work. For instance, if you are exploring one of AppMediate’s sleep-inducing meditation series, then it is best to plan to meditate as you fall asleep. Alternatively, if you’re working on improving motivation, then before work may be of greatest service.

Morning, afternoon, or evening makes no difference. Simply choose a time that works best with your schedule, and stick to that timeframe each day. Consistency is key! This will help you remember to meditate and adjust to your practice as an essential part of your day.

If you meditate at random times of the day, you run the risk of making it too easy to excuse yourself from your practice, which fundamentally pushes it lower on your priority list. You might say, “I’m feeling too tired today, I will meditate later” or “Something upsetting just happened and I am too agitated”. No, do not make excuses. Meditation is all about accepting reality as it is, and so any time is a good time to meditate! We are creatures of habit, and it takes discipline to form an intentional habit!


3. Create a meditation spot

If you meditate at home, it is helpful to choose one place to meditate each day. Integrate meditation into your life by integrating it into your home. Space may be a single corner of a room or even a large closet. You will begin to form positive associations with this spot because each time you sit there you experience mental focus, safety, and increasing peace. This also represents your commitment to your meditation practice.


4. Develop Sangha (your meditation community)


Integrate meditation into your life by relating with others on a similar journey. Speak with your friends and family about your experiences, your intentions, or even what category of the app you’re currently going through. Share your journey with someone and you will find this helps to hold you accountable. You may even be surprised at how a connection can deepen when both people are meditators, interested in understanding and strengthening their own minds.

Looking for a place to start? Join AppMeditate’s community hub!


5. Curiously explore media about meditation


Whether reading our blogs or listen to dhamma talks online (and in person!), you can help integrate meditation into your life by learning more about the practice on the level of reason. Satisfy the reasoning part of your mind and learning about the path, its benefits, and even history. There are many types of meditation, not just one! We have integrated many approaches to AppMeditate, including Visualization techniques, Affirmations, Vipassana, Anapana, and Metta meditations.

Metta and Good Luck to you!
You always get out what you put in. This is Dhamma!
Set yourself up for success.


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