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Tips To Start Living In The Present

Do you sit and reflect on your life, thinking about a situation you could have handled differently? An event you wished you hadn’t missed. A regret of losing someone close or not completed something you wanted to. Sometimes, we tend to remember the past fondly or with regrets. You shouldn’t have to be doing either. You should be living in the present, in the today of things that are happening. 

Well, it is easier said than done. We hold on to items from the past, worry about the future, plan so much ahead that we forget to stop and enjoy the moments that are happening around us today. Alongside that, we are so caught up with life and routine itself that we don’t stop to wonder about the small moments of joy fleeting by. We have forgotten to connect with our inner self by doing all this and have started living so superficially.

So, how can we change that? By living in the present. Here are some tips and tricks of how you can achieve that without much ado. 

Start With Decluttering

Most of us have old CDs that we hardly ever listen to anymore. Stacks of old dusty notebooks and reports from school that haven’t been done away with. A cocktail dress that reminds you of a date, scrapbooks from school and so many more things. While holding on to memories is essential, letting go is even more. There is a thin line between memories and emotional baggage. Most of the time, we cannot differentiate one from the other. 

That is the reason we latch on to the old things that make us feel most comfortable and remind us of a simpler time. Running away from reality is not simple. Living in the present is. Declutter your old things and make space for new ones; ones that have possibilities attached to it. Decluttering also helps in maintaining a good vibe and Vaastu in the house.


If there is one thing that you would like to start with before any other option is – Meditation. Meditation is a potent tool to connect to your inner self and embrace the peace that comes along with it. Meditating helps you live in the present and serves as a foundation for taking well thought out decisions in life. A result of meditation is mindfulness. Mindfulness enables you to stay in the present, be aware of what is happening around you, and take controlled decisions without being too overcome by emotions. 

Stop worrying

Worry kills the pleasure out of the present. Be present, not in the future. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened or are going to happen. We have control over what is happening now, and we can only change what is happening now. Not in the future. What you do now, and how you keep yourself calm and in turn, healthy determine your future. 

Living in the present can be a satisfying experience, provided you are committed to it 100%. Embrace what is in your control and look forward to stepping into a better and healthier future.


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