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Ways You Might Be Breathing Wrong And How To Fix It

Do you ever wonder why does one breathe? Or what does one breathe? Or whether you are doing it the right way? In a normal context, when you undertake any task or an activity, such as driving, cooking, exercise activities, it is logical that we first see how it is done, we ensure whether we are doing it the right way. Similarly, the thing what we do daily, i.e., breathing, have you ever tried to figure what is the exact way of doing it. Of course, you wouldn’t have, why would you – breathing is a natural process, something you have been doing the day you were born.

Breathing in a wrong manner detriments oxygen supply to our bodies and can lead to significant problems viz. causing stress to the functioning of your body, skin-related issues – pale and sweaty, tiring of muscles, tiredness, and lethargy, suffering insomnia, anxiety attacks, hyperventilation, heart palpitations. Incorrect breathing also leads to expelling too much carbon dioxide resulting in impaired blood flow, low oxygen levels in cells and tissues. Many times, people tend to breathe deeply, thinking it is the right way; instead, it is a stress breathing which may lead to depleting the oxygen level in our body. 

Certain people also breathe through their mouth, which causes dry mouth and gum related problems. Even during sleeping, some people tend to breathe with their mouth wide open, and they generally wake up feeling exhausted, drained, and fatigued. Sleeping posture also leads to erroneous breathing.  Majority of the populace sleep lying on their back but what one does not realize is that by sleeping on your back, the airway gets suppressed which leads to the waning of jaw muscles. 

But did you know there is a right way to breathe? Several Health Institutions, Authorities on breathing method, studies published in medical journals mention the correct ways of breathing. Reiterating the findings done by this several media, correct ways of breathing are:

i)    Through your nose, which not only filters warm and humidifies air but breathing through the nose helps in a dry and cold environment. It also boosts lung and blood vessel function.

ii)    Another way of breathing correctly is, apparently, through the diaphragm situated just above the stomach, starting through the nose and then moving to the stomach. The diaphragm creates a negative pressure in the chest resulting in the air flowing into your lungs.

iii)    Regular workouts and exercises augment well for functioning of lungs and maintaining a healthy regime.

iv)    Sleeping on your side, helping you to sleep faster and allows lungs for optimal breathing through the nose.

Breathing correctly has several advantages: it betters our blood pressure and maintains good health, provides energy during the day, keeps our mind in a positive mood, boosts memory, and promotes a robust vocal expression, helps in keeping a check on our stress levels. 

Let us look at some ways to breathe the right way.

  1.   Breathe through the nose

There are defined functions of the body which we must follow. The nose is to breathe, and the mouth is to eat. The minute you muddle up the functions, it is bound to cause distress. Practice breathing through your nose. Concentrate on your breath and ensure you are not using your mouth to suck in large quantities of air. The nose has hair that filter impurities which the mouth doesn’t. Due to this, your mouth will become excessively dry, and you are prone to infections. 

  1.   Breathe through your diaphragm 

Most of the times, people do not realize the importance of breathing correctly. We superficially take breaths without understanding how it should be done. The air we breathe must start at the nose and go all the way down to the belly. It has to traverse the entire path and end at the belly portion of the torso. The inhalation should be done by the diaphragm, and it should make a distinct sound which allows you to identify that you are breathing properly. The diaphragm, in turn, massages your internal organs like the liver, stomach, and intestines and gives them an excellent rhythmic balance. The chest area also becomes more relaxed because of this, and so do the neck and shoulders. It eases the muscles overall and doesn’t allow pain or stiffness to crop up in these areas of the body. 

  1.   Relax your body when you breathe

Irrespective of what activity you do, you always have to keep your body relaxed. This can be achieved quite simply by breathing in a calm and composed manner. When your body and mind are relaxed, you will find your energy levels going up and in turn, find yourself becoming healthier and happier. 

Just take a moment to concentrate on the most important aspect that controls most of your health parameters – breathing. Once you get control of proper Breathing Techniques, there is nothing to stop you from running away to constant good health. 

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