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Why Meditation Is a Boon For Homemakers

In today’s World, it doesn’t matter if you are a Homemaker or a Typical Corporate Puppet. Stress affects the most competent of us in the most Adverse and Harmful manner you can imagine. In the lives of Housewives, Stress is a looming concern because of the kind of routine they put themselves through and rigorous stamina they are required to keep while executing multiple tasks.

A housewife has more or less a similar habit consisting of waking up early, walking the dog, breakfast for the family, sending kids to school, preparing lunch and consequently snacks and dinner. Though the daily chores don’t change, a state of mind may change

Channelizing the Energy By Meditation

What if you could do something to channelize your energies and keep your mind and body at peace?

Meditation is scientifically proven to be a process of channeling your mind and to focus and redirect your thoughts. It is not just a tool to reduce stress and improve your concentration but also to increase a particular awareness of your surroundings and your inner self. Since housewives experience all kinds of emotions during their day to day ordeal, let’s look at some points which make the meditation of umpteen importance to their lifestyle.

  1.   Controls Anxiety

In a routine of continuous multi-tasking for housewives, it is reasonable to get anxious and perplexed to imagine the number of tasks and the flawless execution behind it. It takes a lot of calculation and planning as to how to arrange and rearrange functions for a particular day, which may leave you feeling overwhelmed. Meditation techniques, as simple as breathing techniques for fifteen to thirty minutes a day helps in keeping a person calm and lowering levels of anxiety. Anxiety disorders like anxiety or panic attacks, phobias, paranoid thoughts, OCD, or obsessive-compulsive behaviors are reduced mainly by practicing meditation techniques.

  1.   Improves emotional health

Most of the time, we concentrate only on the fact that we are stressed, but do we stop and wonder what the by-products of stress might be. Our body, when stressed, in response to that stress produces a chemical in the body called, cytokines. Cytokines are known to have an inflammatory nature that affects our mood and leads to depression in women. Depression is a severe condition which people generally tend to overlook and ignore before it goes out of hand. Meditation, practiced and incorporated in your daily routine is shown to reduce depression to a considerable extent. Studies have shown that depression has a reduced marker in people who meditate as a routine every day as compared to those who don’t.

  1.   Improves sleep

Sleep is the most underrated yet most essential and vital part of our being. Sleep is resting, that a body requires to heal and rejuvenate to fight another day. A Disrupted body starts showing signs of early Fatigue, Lethargy, and Work-Related Procrastination. A Mundane and Monotonous Routine may still have a happy and fun impact on the mind if we are comfortable and relaxed, and the mind is not fatigued. Otherwise, the same routine can seem overbearing, and one may feel bogged down by it. Mindful Meditation helps not only in keeping the body well-rested and improves sleeping patterns but also helps in keeping the mind fresh and active to carry out the necessary array of tasks during the day.




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