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Why Meditation Must Be Included In The School Curriculum

We think we are the only ones with immense mental pressure. But did you know that a majority of students all over the world suffer from Severe Stress due to excessive load of performing well in their exams?

People might not realize this, but the number of stress students has to undergo is sometimes much more than an average adult. Besides striving to score better grades, those who are unable to achieve a certain academic target are often made to feel bad about themselves or punished. While these practices should be kicked to the curb, it is important to include Meditation breaks in schools for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at the AppMeditate guide.

1. Reduced Anxiety And Exam Stress

People say that some amount of stress is a must for good performance. But is constant mental strain a price to pay for good grades? Moreover, when a kid can achieve the same goal with positive reinforcement, why put him or her under undue pressure? When the mind is free of load, it brings out the best in a person. The same goes for students. When they study with a free mind, they remember things clearly which reduces exam stress.

2. Boosted Self-Esteem

Students can suffer from severe anxiety while trying to survive in a competitive era. Of course, we can’t reduce competition in today’s world. People are going all out to achieve their goals and they are putting their kids through a similar situation. Where there is competition, there is a comparison. And when a child is compared to another, it’s the most massive blow to self-confidence. Not only can it decline a student’s performance, but it can also lower the self-esteem severely. Even if a child manages to get good scores, the comparative attitude will make an individual dependent on other’s approval.

3. Improved Focus

No matter how hard we try to concentrate on something, our mind starts to wander off after some time. It’s not completely unavoidable as we are all humans. But meditation provides ways in which students can lengthen their attention span. You can check out some Audio-Guided Meditations and Affirmations that help in improving focus. When students are focused, they don’t need to put in countless hours of study as they grasp concepts at a higher pace than those who don’t meditate.

4. Makes Students Innovative

When students meditate, they come to the realization of their hidden talents and skills. Meditation unleashes the creativity in a child’s behavior and tasks that can help them express themselves better. It opens the horizons to a million possibilities and helps a student execute an idea effectively.

I, personally, never stress on remarkable grades. If a child has the required knowledge, is physically and mentally fit and happy, it’s more than what you can ask from life. But even if a student strives to get good marks, meditation can ensure easy management of study time and help in better knowledge absorption. So, with the help of Meditations, not only Students Stay Happy and Stress-Free,  they can achieve their dream score in exams by studying more efficiently.



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