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True forgiveness: Why You Should Never Hold On To Grudges

Humans are extremely stubborn as a species. Forgiving is one of the hardest things to do for us. We like to hold people accountable when they have wronged us. The wounds of being wronged by someone take a lot of time to heal, mainly because we often try to hold on to those grudges. However, it is important that we realize the forgiveness is not something that we do for others but for ourselves. Forgiving and letting go of grudges make sure that we finish our own healing process. 


Holding on to anger can hurt you even more

Piling up grudges on top of each other can really affect your emotional health negatively. When such negative emotions keep getting piled up, it could even overpower the good thoughts you hold. Apart from ruining your mental health, having high levels of anger could even lead to a wide range of physical illnesses, primarily the ones associated with the cardiovascular system. It can also increase your blood pressure. 

Being dragged down by the past

Without forgiveness, one might forever be bound by the chains of the past that cannot be undone. Forgiveness hence is a crucial step for one’s own peace of mind. The act of forgiving is a method to release the pain and anger from the past and reopen a new future. It is a very personal tool that one can use to renegotiate the differences between them and another party.

Forgiveness builds empathy

Forgiving does not mean forgetting. In fact, it is important that one remembers such acts so that atrocities of that kind are not committed again. Forgiving does not mean condoning what has been done. Instead, it simply means to try and understand the perpetrator’s point of view with empathy. It means to stand in their shoes and understand what led them to be conditioned the way they were. Forgiving is an opportunity where you not only get the chance to learn from the incident but also practice empathy.

Holding on to grudges causes stress

Dealing with the situation that angered you in the first place could be frustrating by itself. Holding on to the incident even after it has passed can cause even further damage to you. Holding on to those grudges will lead to increased levels of stress and heart-rate. The solution to this is to let go. Forgive the other party and forgive yourself for your own sake. 

Let yourself sleep better

No one should sacrifice good sleep over the grudges that they are holding. Instead of pondering over things that are already in the past, try forgiving. Studies show that subject who let go of feelings of resentment saw a much-improved quality of sleep along with a wide range of health benefits.


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