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About Us

AppMeditate was founded in the year 2018. We all know that meditation is something that's beneficial to practice. However, very few people actually know the details of the perks it has to offer in one's personal and professional life. People often connect meditation and mindfulness with spirituality. Well, that's undoubtedly one of the greatest combinations in the world. However, the advantages are much more than that. AppMeditate aims to spread awareness regarding how people can transform their lives for good with the help of meditation. You must have heard of the story of Aladdin and the Genie. Well, that's something we can use to relate to visualisation and wish fulfillment. From the tranquilizing effects of breathing techniques, nature walks, relationship enhancement to the 'your wish is my command' effects of powerful affirmations, we have covered most divine practices for humankind. In today's world, it is possible to achieve anything that is under the sky. However, human beings fail to accomplish what lies right within us, inner peace. By channelising the energy in a positive direction, we can achieve the calmness we have been searching for in the outer world. Our series of guided meditation covers every aspect of human relationships. You are sure to find the key to all your problems.

Our Vision

Our vision is to spread love, joy, and happiness. We make the world a better place for every human residing in it by making people realize how crucial meditation is in our lives and how it can benefit us for the long haul. We strive for the welfare of all mankind with our series of guided meditations, visualizations, affirmations and much more!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a better place for people by instigating emotional healing and enhance the overall thought process with the help of meditation.